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Giclee Prints

Middleton Place Cypresses giclee print
Hunting Island, Shadows
Store Creek, Edisto Island

These prints are available for sale unframed.

The giclee inks are state of the art archival quality. As with any fine artwork, prolonged exposure to strong sunlight will fade them. Also, keep artwork away from water. I recommend framing the artwork with UV resistant glass and archival framing materials as soon as you receive it in order to protect it from any kind of damage.

Limited Edition Giclee by Ambassador Publishing - archival ink on watercolor paper, hand-signed by the artist. (All originals have been sold.)

  Title Size Price Size Price
Middleton Place Cypresses 12"x 16" $150 20"x 28" $200
Hunting Island, Shadows 12"x 16" $150 20"x 28" $200
Store Creek, Edisto Island 12"x 16" $150 20"x 28" $200
Magnolia Gardens 12"x 16" $150 20"x 28" $200
Autumn in the Garden 16"x 20" $200
Ravello Blue Umbrella 16"x 20" $200    
Capriccio 18"x 24" $200
Dreams of Zocchi 21"x 28" $200

Artist and copyright: Karl Beckwith Smith. Distribution courtesy of Halcyon Place Gallery, 48 Wentworth St, Charleston, SC 29401

Order by phone: (843) 860-5157

Order by Email: Karl Beckwith Smith

There is a small additional charge for shipping. Sales tax may apply.

Magnolia Gardens
Autumn in the Garden giclee print 16"x20" $200
Ravello blue umbrella
Capriccio giclee print 18"x24" $200
Dreams of Zocchi giclee print 21"x28" $200